Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera: You’ve Broken My Camera!

You can now pass your love of photography down to your children without the fear of them breaking your digital camera. This is because of the newest trend in child electronics whereby a group of digital cameras; called Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital cameras; have been made especially for small children.

In this article I am going to speak about why digital cameras are not always child friendly and what makes the Vtech Kidizoom digital camera so popular amongst kids.

Most of us parents are reluctant to let our children use our cameras due to their fragile construction, delicate buttons and complicated menus. We cringe when we think of how much it will cost to repair or replace our camera if it was damaged. Thus the development of the Vtech camera specifically for kids aged 3 to 7 years has been a blessing to all of us parents.

Kids love the Vtech Kidizoom Plus digital camera for the following reasons:

  • It is easy to hold,even if you have small hands,due to its 2 large grips.
  • Comes in bright colours.
  • Has a solid structure; sturdy and resilient enough to handle many tumbles. Thus dad or mom won’t have a reason to scream at them.
  • Easy to take photographs as it has a dual view finder; this enables our kids to clearly see the object they are taking a photograph of. Plus they can zoom in on the object 2 x
  • This camera comes equipted with a large kidizoom LCD screen. This enables our little ones to remain inspired as they can instantly see what kind of photograph they have just taken.
  • Has big buttons that are easy to push; easy to grasp the function of.
  • It contains popular on-board editing options that makes editing photographs fun for your child. Let your child take candid photographs of you and then improve them by warping the pictures in silly ways or adding funny frames.
  • This camera contains a selection of 5 games that are geared towards pre-scholars. These games can keep them entertained for ages, thus your kids find them extremely useful on long journeys in the car when they need to keep themselves entertained and out of trouble.
  • If your child is getting bored of how the camera looks- it has interchangeable face plates.
  • Your child can go wild with taking photographs as this camera has the ability to store up to 500 high resolution photographs with its 256 mega bytes of internal memory.
  • They will never have the need to get disappointed if you have not had an opportunity to download there photo’s yet; as you can easily increase the memory of this camera by inserting a 2 gigi byte memory card up to a 16 Gb card into its SD card slot.
  • Usually when you have friends over or you are trying to watch a film, your child wants to play with their favourite toy right there beside you. Fortunately this Vtech Kidizoom Plus digital camera comes with a set of headphones, thus you can get your child to plug them in when the noise level becomes unbearable.
  • Your child has the chance of being recorded as their favourite superhero character as this camera is able to record up to 10 minutes of video.
  • They will be able to enhance each photograph of theirs with audio as they can record up to 10 seconds of audio with each photograph.

There is one thing that I need to advise you about such that you can pass it onto your kids. When your child is using the flash on this camera they must be careful that they do not stand or zoom in too close to the object that they are taking a photograph of. If they do; the effect of the flash just white washes the entire photograph.

Why Digital Signage Can Enhance Your Business

If you are searching for new ways to improve your business, using digital signage is a great way to do this as it can be used to not only increase new customers but to increase the satisfaction of current ones. In order to attract people to your service or product you need to let them know what you offer and what better way to do that than with digital signage. The days of using fliers and posters are in the past and the most effective ways of getting your message across is by using technology. Here are just a few of the advantages of using digital signage to increase your business:

  • Attention drawing. A video character generator will draw the attention of those who pass by. By using multimedia you will dramatically increase the number of people who will pay attention to your message.
  • Flexibility. You have the ability to change the message that you want to send to your customers with just the click of a button and no additional hassle. You can also enable your messages to be scheduled and changed as often as you like saving you time.
  • Personalized messages. You can be as personal as you like with digital signage and have the ability to change the message depending on where it is displayed, when it used or even who is viewing it.
  • Modern. Lets face it. People pass judgments all the time and may even assess your company to not be as capable or as qualified if you are still using out of date equipment. Digital signage creates an attractive and clean display that is sure to impress.
  • Entertainment. Digital Signage is more than just text and images but is something that will catch the eye of everyone in the room, allowing your desired message to be not only informative but entertaining as well.
  • Rent it out. It does not only have to be used to directly create a profit for your company but can be rented out as well to other interested businesses and make money by advertising for them. This can be especially successful if you work with a company that offers a related service or product. This will then not only benefit you but your customers as well.

Simply put, there is no disadvantage to using digital signage. It allows you to communicate with your customers and potential customers in an exciting way that will also inform them about your business. You can change your message at any time and no longer have to waste time and money creating new advertising and marketing materials every time you have an announcement or new special. Remember, digital signage is not limited to advertising either but can be used to train employees or to rent out to other companies.

Explore the World of Digital TV With the Freeview Service

The world of technology and entertainment has undergone many changes since the earliest days of television and television programming. While those earliest televisions offered very limited programming and only a handful of channels, these days there are a remarkable number of channels available to the average television viewer. There are also many more choices when it comes to programming, with today’s TV choices ranging from educational programs and kid’s TV to the latest movies, fascinating dramas and hilarious comedies.

The technologies used to bring television to the masses has changed a great deal as well. The old analogue technologies that have been in place since the earliest days of television programming are rapidly giving way to digital programming, and the newest television sets on the market are capable of producing some exceptional quality pictures. The superior colour depth, sharpness and clarity of these new sets puts them head and shoulder above those old analogue televisions.

Of course even the highest quality high definition televisions will not reach their full potential in the absence of the right programming. The best strategy is to couple a great new high definition television receiver with a high quality digital television service like the freeview service. The freeview service has been designed to bring the best of digital programming within the reach of virtually every UK resident. The excellent coverage area offered by freeview means that just about everyone will be able to enjoy the best digital programming with just the touch of a button. This extensive coverage makes the freeview service an excellent choice for those who live in parts of the country where reception is a problem.

While there is little new equipment needed to enjoy the new freeview service, there are a few pieces of equipment that will make the service much more rewarding and much easier to use. For instance, choosing a high quality digital TV aerial can make those high definition programs look even better, while at the same time providing superior reception even in rural areas. These high quality digital TV aerials make it simple to tune in those programs and enjoy the best in digital programming.

When coupled with the newest high definition television and digital receiver these digital TV aerials allow television viewers to enjoy the high quality programs they enjoy in the comfort of their homes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new freeview service offers more than 80 digital television channels and radio stations, bringing real benefits to television viewers from around the UK. Coupling this great service with a new digital aerial can further enhance the value of the service.

Of course there are some important things to look for, and look out for, when choosing one of these new digital TV aerials. One of the most important considerations is service after the sale. While there are many companies selling these types of aerials for digital programming, not all of those companies will be willing to stand behind the sale should something go wrong. The top companies in the market will be willing to go the extra mile and provide top notch customer service along with the best digital TV aerials on the market.

Installation services are important as well, and it is important for television viewers to look for a company that provides superior installation services as well as the highest quality equipment. Digital television can be quite complicated, and it is important to deal only with the most competent and experienced providers in the marketplace. Those companies who are able to provide full installation services and ongoing support can help viewers around the country get the most out of their new freeview service.